World Cup Camp Day 5 on snow

Hello there,

Jessica and Isabel here with a daily update from Copper Mountain, Colorado. We started our day of with a snowy warm up at 7 AM followed by scrumptious breakfast and we were on the slopes by 9.  Throughout the morning we worked with our hoses and keeping the upper-bodies stable. Also in Barbara’s group we had a few riff-offs up the chairlifts and a few random stares form strangers. For those in CO, there are open auditions for Skye and Rosemary’s Acappella group tonight at 9 PM. BE THERE!!! There will be many fantastic performances to Miley Cyrus’ Wrecking Ball. Barbara  joined the group this afternoon and then got kicked out. Sorry Barbara, maybe next year! We then went in for a quick break at 11 and then we went to go hit some courses. We had three courses today; a stubbie/brushie course, a slanted tall gate rhythm course, and a diamond hitch course with a crazy flush! After skiing we had a late lunch and then at 3 we went for a run to the athletic center. There, we did a quick functional movement workout followed by wally-ball. Which seems to be our most popular sport.

After dry-land we had a lovely 2 hour study hall in which I took a quiz, which I was not so prepared for, and also worked on other subjects. Then we had spaghetti and chicken parm for dinner. Again, scrumptious. Finally we tuned our skis and now we are sitting in Naga’s room writing this amazing blog!!!

Hope you enjoyed

Kind regards
Jessica Owles and Isabel Bushey


SMS World Cup camp Day 4 on snow

Dear all,

Today we had a very productive day of skiing. We started our day by waking up at 7:00 am with a nice morning run in -5 degrees. LOTS OF FUN FOR US! It woke us up by the bitterness of the cold. This was followed by breakfast and we were on the slopes by 9:00 am. Everyone believed that it was going to be -15 degrees, according to the weather channel, so some wore up to 11 layers. By the second run we realized that it was actually 30 degrees. Also on the second run there was an incident on the chairlift causing Skye to drop Arden’s glove off the chairlift in the middle of an unopened trail. No worries we got it! After the ski patrol got involved. About four fabulously hot runs later, we went inside to eat lunch at Jack’s. We then came back out and trained for the rest of the day until 3:30 pm. We trained slalom on Copperopolis (however you spell that) with an apex course, a picket fence, and lane changers. We also did these courses on one ski (feel the burn!). Later that night we tuned and did video and now we are here writing this fabulously amazing blog!

Thanks for reading!

-Eliza, Sophia, and Arden

Edited by Jessica Charlotte Julia Owles

PS enjoy this amazing photograph by Naga Kusumi…. pay attention to Erik and Jay’s faces

World Cup Camp Off Day!

Dear readers,

Today we had a wonderful off day! We woke up at 8:30 (Joe didn’t let us sleep in) and had breakfast at Jack’s. After breakfast we had study hall and got lots of work done. We had lunch in the village and then at 12:45 we all walked to the bus stop to go to a water park in Silverthorne. At the water park, we explored the art of belly flopping and going on water slides.  There were lots of little babies and we were very tempted to steal them. After the water park, we traveled to Walmart. There’s everything you could possibly imaging there, and Jessie bought a onesie in size XXXL. We had pizza for dinner and Daniel ate 6 pieces and salad.

Thank you for reading this message from Skye and Chloe.


World Cup hits VT

Huge day for skiing racing in the east with the World Cup coming back to VT. SMS athletes, coaches and alumni were on hand to cheer on Alice Merryweather in her first World Cup GS.

Also SMS athletes took part in the opening ceremony representing SMS in the VARA parade. I must say our kids had the best formation and walked tall and proud.

Thanks for coming out!




Alice Merryweather World Cup GS Debut

Check out the great article in Ski Racing about Alice:

Stratton Mountain School alumna to make World Cup GS debut

Great job getting the start and good luck tomorrow Alice! See you all up at Killington this weekend. Should be exciting!