Final Chile Post From Skrip and Leah

Hey it’s Leah and Marina! We are currently sitting in line at the airport to check our bags. We are sad to leave Chile so soon. The weather and skiing have been great! The ladies finished the camp with a three day slalom block. It’s hard to believe that school starts this weekend. The summer flew by so quickly. Micah said we have to say that we are excited for classes, but we are more excited to be back on snow in November. See you in the USA!! Super stoked for an American breakfast tomorrow.

-Leah and Skrippy


Alpine Booster Jacket

The alpine blog has been very active lately, so this is a great time to pitch our Alpine Booster Jacket initiative.  With the help of alpine parent, Serge Gulergon, we are excited to offer a booster jacket to raise funds for a new alpine initiative.  It is our goal to raise the funds necessary to take our already impressive training facility to the next level and upgrade our strength training and conditioning equipment.

With your help, we would like to see this become a reality.  We know you already give so much to the SMS community, this is why we would like to offer you the SMS Puffy jacket as an incentive to jump on board.  This hooded down jacket is for everyone who loves SMS like we do.  Parents, friends, relatives, coaches and athletes, we want to see everyone sporting this jacket at events all over the USA and abroad.  Wear this jacket with pride and show your support for SMS!

Our goal is to sell 200 jackets for $220 each and with your help we will get there!

How do you make an order?  We will be taking orders for the Alpine Booster Jacket at Student Registration on Sept 3rd and then again on Parents Weekend Oct 14-15.  You can also, email to place an order.  After the orders are in, we have a 4-6 week turn around so everyone will have their jacket for the first snow fall!

For more detail on the improvement initiative, please contact Mike Morin by phone or email.

Alpine Jacket

Chile Update #2


Hello all,

Sorry for the lack of recent updates. Wifi availability here has been spotty of late and the weather terrific, allowing for long days on the mountain but not much time for blogging.

The past handful of days down here in Chile have been great. Five days ago, following the conclusion of our first training block, the coaching staff thought it would be a good idea to get out of the mountains and down to the beach. After speaking with a handful of locals we decided to head down to Renaca, a beach town north of the costal city of Valparaiso. Luckily we had fantastic weather and the kids spent the day on the beach playing soccer, volleyball, building sandcastles, and enjoying the beautiful day and warm Pacific air. Here are a few pictures from our day at the beach:


Over the past four days we were again fortunate enough to luck out with the weather. The nights were cold and the days warm, allowing for hard surfaces and comfortable temperatures. The first two days we trained slalom and past two we were able to train full-length super g. The super g training was truly exceptional. Mountain management groomed a typically untouched section of the mountain especially for us, giving us the ability to run nearly full-length super g with a quick one t-bar turnaround. The fast lap time allowed for the kids to take 8-10 super g runs, giving them valuable time and experience on the longer speed skis. Here are some pictures from the past four days of training:



Today was again another off day. The kids used the day to catch up on some much-needed rest and in many cases some even more needed summer reading.



We have another four days of training ahead of us before heading home on the 28th. Sorry for all the missed calls and unreturned texts. We look forward to seeing you all soon. Goodnight now from Chile.












U16 – GS Time

Saas Fee continues to provide us with perfect weather and excellent conditions.  Now we need the athletes to step it up for one more day!  We have been pushing them hard on and off the hill.  On the hill, the third block has a GS focus and we are just a few lanes away from the AUT, ITA, SWE, GBR, GER and FIN World Cup teams.  As the kids finish their run; they need only turn around and watch to see how the world cup athletes ski the identical course.

Off the hill we continue to work on core stability, agility, games and hiking.  I am pretty sure the kids have done more hiking than ever and there seems to be a fit bit competition every day!  30-40k steps seems common around here!

Tomorrow will be the last day with a little time trial on the hill, some free skiing to feel good and then the packing begins.  We will load the busses tomorrow afternoon, and depart for GVA early Saturday morning.  Every year it seems crazy at the airport, so we wish everyone a safe travel home and we are excited to see you all back at SMS in September!

Enjoy the photos, we will load them up to Drop Box soon.

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Until we meet again…

Today was the last day skiing for the U14/U12 group, and what a great camp it has been! Phenomenal ski conditions, lots of great dryland training (and with a backdrop like this, who can complain?!), and an epically friendly town. It all makes it so hard to say goodbye, or until we meet again, but the last gasp of summer awaits, and then it’s off to school. We head out of Saas-Fee on the bus to Geneva at 3 a.m. tomorrow morning.

For many on the U12/U14 camp, we will be seeing you all soon at SMS, as many of these and the U16 kids are enrolled either full- or winter-term. For some others though, this is goodbye until we see you on the hill this winter. Great friendships have been formed or re-kindled, and everyone is pumped for the snow to fly in the East.

Thank you again, parents, for lending us your rippers. We have had such a great time with them, and they all are leaving with a new plan on how to improve their skiing and get ready for the season.

Auf Wiedersehen!

Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.

OK. So, I can’t take credit for the headline. That was said by the best in the business – Michael Jordan.

We are on the tail-end of the Saas-Fee camp for the U12/U14 group, and in the middle for the U16 group. Now is the time that everyone starts to hit their stride. And, delve into their problem areas. And, get tired. And, get energized.

Life at camp is full of contradictions.

A day can be full of breakthroughs for one kid, and full of frustration for another. This is the key to a successful camp – breaking down skiing into individual areas to work on, and make strides toward achieving those goals. Mental toughness is the order of each and every day, and these kids are working on their diplomas in tenacity. But, the best part of being around these kids is the fact that for most of them almost all of the time – they are so happy to be here. Skiing. Training. Working hard. Playing.

The U16s continue to plug away at slalom, and the U14/U12s work on GS. Conditions on the glacier have taken a turn for more chilly starts to the day, but the hard snow has made for some really nice training. It looks like we may get a little snow over the next few nights, with great alpine summer weather in town.

“Concentration and mental toughness are the margins of victory.” – Bill Russell


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