SMS Mt Hood Camp/Day 5 OFF Day

Hi, this is Michael and Aaron. Our days at the Mount Hood sleep away camp have been awesome. The first day was great for getting back the feel of skiing after such a long off season. With 10.33 miles of mixed drills and free skiing it made for the perfect start to the camp. After a long day of skiing we played a very competitive game of ultimate frisbee which was a lot of fun. The second day of skiing was a great progression of the first day, filled with more drills, and a brush corridor. With 11 miles of skiing day two defiantly didn’t disappoint. After a long day of skiing we took a 4.7 mile hike to Mirror Lake where we experienced cold water, and beautiful scenery. Our last day of skiing so thus was filled with apex drills, a wave track, and a very fun and challenging obstacle course which was sure to keep you on your toes. With 16.8 total miles skied for day three I was defiantly ready for a rest day. Sleeping in for an extra hour, and getting my laundry done was a great start to the off day. After our morning warm up we had a delicious breakfast and than we were off to compete in the first annual SMS open mini golf tournament! With a total of 36 holes played the various teams battled it out for the top spot. The evening of our off day was filled with football, frisbee, and an arm wrestling tournament which got very involved, and extremely loud from all the cheering. So far, the first 5 days of the camp have been very productive and busy, and I can’t wait to see what the next upcoming days will bring!

SMS Mt. Hood Summer Ski Camp Update

Hello everyone it’s your favorite campers Bronson Culver and Jake Jacobi. Today was our second day on snow. It was very sunny and scorching hot!

We woke up at 5:30 very excited to ski. We were on the lift by 7:00. In the morning, the snow was firm and fast. The coaches set corridor courses and we skied for 15 runs! Yesterday we just free skied but we got 12 runs in. We were all very tired by the end. For lunch, we packed sandwiches and ate on the volcanic rocks on the mountain. The sun was not very nice to us, as the majority of the campers got a sunburn! Afterwards, we had a very relaxing study hall and then went on a hike Mirror Lake and swam in the frigid waters of Oregon. Yesterday for dry land, we played frisbee and stretched. Dinner so far has been delicious, courtesy of “Rocky Mt Kitchen” by Miki.

Everybody is getting the hang of tuning and that’s all we have for now. Stay tuned for more updates.

Bronson and Jake out.


Check out our new Facebook/Instagram pages

Hello from sunny Mammoth Mountain CA,

I am writing to let everyone know about SMS Alpine’s new Facebook and Instagram pages. We will be doing daily updates there and the longer trip posts here on the blog. We already have some great pics of the kids on there. Check them out:

SMS Alpine Facebook:

SMS Alpine Instagram:

Also check out some of the boys hitting the cornice at the top of Mammoth:





SMS Graduation 2017

Hello everyone,

This past weekend was graduation here at SMS. Luckily for us the rain held off and it turned out to be a beautiful weekend. Congratulations to the entire class of 2017! You are a terrific bunch of kids and I can’t wait to hear what you are all up to in the coming years. Below are a handful of pictures from graduation:

Also a quick shout out to Kevin O’Keefe who gave one of the best graduation speeches I have heard. Luckily he was last to speak. Would have been a tough act to follow…

So what are the alpine seniors up to next year?


Riku deferred from Saint Lawerence and will be taking a PG year next year to ski.



Sarah is off to Burlington to attend UVM.


Kay will be spending next season skiing on the Chilean National Team.


Marissa is headed across the pond to study at St. Andrews College in Scotland.


Hana deferred from UNH and will be spending next year skiing.


Marika is off to California and much needed warmer temperatures.  She will be attending the University of San Diego.


Jack is bound for Colorado and the University of Denver.


Julia (far left in this picture) is another one headed to the UK to study. She will be attending King’s College in London.


Danie will be attending Hamilton College in New York.


At this point Elise is still undecided. She is deciding between taking a PG year or going off to college at either Saint Lawrence or Bates.


Sean (pictured eating a sandwich) will be attending Northeastern University in Boston.


Liam (the one not eating the sandwich) has deferred from BC and will be PGing next season.


Mikayla will be attending Saint Lawrence University.


Spencer is another one off to warmer climates. He will be attending Santa Clara University in California.


Kevin (center bean bag) is following in his brothers footsteps and is headed up to Burlington to attend UVM.

Well that about does it. The best of luck everyone and please come back and visit. We are going to miss you!



Mammoth Camp Recap

The May Mammoth camp was an incredible camp with great snow, weather, tons of training volume, and terrific free skiing. Coaches kept remarking how this was the best training and conditions they could ever remember having in May. The kids had a blast and improved a lot. Here is a picture recap of the camp.

The Mountain:


Steven Nyman ended up stopping by our GS course. He was so psyched with the kids skiing he ended up staying for three runs and coached the kids up at the start. Thanks Steve! Good luck with your recovery!


Top of the GS course on World Cup:

We did a ton or free skiing in the afternoons. Here is Hatcher before dropping into one of the steep upper bowls at Mammoth. See captions for the play by play:

Bobby rips the top of Mammoth:

Harrison feeling it out at the top:


The boys dropped the cornice each run at the top of chair 23 before hitting the speed jump lower down. With each run they got a bit braver until many were going straight off with speed. Shout out to Aidan Mann who went absolutely enormous on the last run.

Cornice dropping:

The girls did a great job on the speed jump:

Boys packing up after  a long day of training and free skiing:

In the afternoons we had dryland and study hall. Mainly games. On this day we had a pool workout:

Study Hall:

We checked out the hot springs on our day off:


So long Mammoth. Tough to leave after such a great camp:

But something tells me there will still be plenty of snow when we get back in June:



It’s been two days of skiing at the Mammoth camp and the skiing has been unbelievable.  Mammoth is providing the camp with mid winter conditions.  The first two days have been spent working on our technical free skiing with GS and SG skis.  Tomorrow we move into GS gates and will start our jump progression.  Below are some scenic shots form the campers.