Mammoth Camp Recap

The May Mammoth camp was an incredible camp with great snow, weather, tons of training volume, and terrific free skiing. Coaches kept remarking how this was the best training and conditions they could ever remember having in May. The kids had a blast and improved a lot. Here is a picture recap of the camp.

The Mountain:


Steven Nyman ended up stopping by our GS course. He was so psyched with the kids skiing he ended up staying for three runs and coached the kids up at the start. Thanks Steve! Good luck with your recovery!


Top of the GS course on World Cup:

We did a ton or free skiing in the afternoons. Here is Hatcher before dropping into one of the steep upper bowls at Mammoth. See captions for the play by play:

Bobby rips the top of Mammoth:

Harrison feeling it out at the top:


The boys dropped the cornice each run at the top of chair 23 before hitting the speed jump lower down. With each run they got a bit braver until many were going straight off with speed. Shout out to Aidan Mann who went absolutely enormous on the last run.

Cornice dropping:

The girls did a great job on the speed jump:

Boys packing up after  a long day of training and free skiing:

In the afternoons we had dryland and study hall. Mainly games. On this day we had a pool workout:

Study Hall:

We checked out the hot springs on our day off:


So long Mammoth. Tough to leave after such a great camp:

But something tells me there will still be plenty of snow when we get back in June:



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