SMS Mt Hood Camp/Day 5 OFF Day

Hi, this is Michael and Aaron. Our days at the Mount Hood sleep away camp have been awesome. The first day was great for getting back the feel of skiing after such a long off season. With 10.33 miles of mixed drills and free skiing it made for the perfect start to the camp. After a long day of skiing we played a very competitive game of ultimate frisbee which was a lot of fun. The second day of skiing was a great progression of the first day, filled with more drills, and a brush corridor. With 11 miles of skiing day two defiantly didn’t disappoint. After a long day of skiing we took a 4.7 mile hike to Mirror Lake where we experienced cold water, and beautiful scenery. Our last day of skiing so thus was filled with apex drills, a wave track, and a very fun and challenging obstacle course which was sure to keep you on your toes. With 16.8 total miles skied for day three I was defiantly ready for a rest day. Sleeping in for an extra hour, and getting my laundry done was a great start to the off day. After our morning warm up we had a delicious breakfast and than we were off to compete in the first annual SMS open mini golf tournament! With a total of 36 holes played the various teams battled it out for the top spot. The evening of our off day was filled with football, frisbee, and an arm wrestling tournament which got very involved, and extremely loud from all the cheering. So far, the first 5 days of the camp have been very productive and busy, and I can’t wait to see what the next upcoming days will bring!


One thought on “SMS Mt Hood Camp/Day 5 OFF Day”

  1. To Daighan LeBlanc,
    Hi Daighan this is Grandmum and Pappa. Got your postcard today. We miss you alot too!!!!! Pappa bought you a hard hat so you can work with him this summer. I bought you a Corvette hat from Barrett-Jackson, the hat is grey and red.
    See you soon
    Love you
    Pappa and Grandmum

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