Snow! Snow, in August!

(Blog title is for those Nanny McPhee fans out there…)

We arrived yesterday here in Saas-Fee at the Hotel Tenne in torrential, cold rain. The bus ride up the switchback mountain road was a little exciting with thick fog, but we made it!

Well, today was our first day here for our Swiss U16/14/12 camp, and we woke up to snow in the valley! We are certainly used to (and looking for) snow up on the glacier, but snow down here in town during the summer is fairly rare. Last night, many of us woke to the sounds of incredible thunder and lightening storms, and we were told that there was a rock slide on the mountain road leading to Saas-Fee, closing the pass for a bit this morning.

The good news is, all of that rain and snow means that more than 15 inches of snow fell up on the glacier last night and this morning. The bad news is that all of that snow closed the trams for the day today, so we’ll start on-snow training tomorrow. So, this morning, we took a hike around town, ending at the Kneipp wellness area, where our fearless kids (and a couple of the coaches) waded into the glacial waters. The rest of us watched (and shivered), and then headed back to the hotel for lunch. Tuning clinics and games on the SportsPlatz are up for this afternoon.



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