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SMS Mt Hood Camp/Day 5 OFF Day

Hi, this is Michael and Aaron. Our days at the Mount Hood sleep away camp have been awesome. The first day was great for getting back the feel of skiing after such a long off season. With 10.33 miles of mixed drills and free skiing it made for the perfect start to the camp. After a long day of skiing we played a very competitive game of ultimate frisbee which was a lot of fun. The second day of skiing was a great progression of the first day, filled with more drills, and a brush corridor. With 11 miles of skiing day two defiantly didn’t disappoint. After a long day of skiing we took a 4.7 mile hike to Mirror Lake where we experienced cold water, and beautiful scenery. Our last day of skiing so thus was filled with apex drills, a wave track, and a very fun and challenging obstacle course which was sure to keep you on your toes. With 16.8 total miles skied for day three I was defiantly ready for a rest day. Sleeping in for an extra hour, and getting my laundry done was a great start to the off day. After our morning warm up we had a delicious breakfast and than we were off to compete in the first annual SMS open mini golf tournament! With a total of 36 holes played the various teams battled it out for the top spot. The evening of our off day was filled with football, frisbee, and an arm wrestling tournament which got very involved, and extremely loud from all the cheering. So far, the first 5 days of the camp have been very productive and busy, and I can’t wait to see what the next upcoming days will bring!


SMS Mt. Hood Summer Ski Camp Update

Hello everyone it’s your favorite campers Bronson Culver and Jake Jacobi. Today was our second day on snow. It was very sunny and scorching hot!

We woke up at 5:30 very excited to ski. We were on the lift by 7:00. In the morning, the snow was firm and fast. The coaches set corridor courses and we skied for 15 runs! Yesterday we just free skied but we got 12 runs in. We were all very tired by the end. For lunch, we packed sandwiches and ate on the volcanic rocks on the mountain. The sun was not very nice to us, as the majority of the campers got a sunburn! Afterwards, we had a very relaxing study hall and then went on a hike Mirror Lake and swam in the frigid waters of Oregon. Yesterday for dry land, we played frisbee and stretched. Dinner so far has been delicious, courtesy of “Rocky Mt Kitchen” by Miki.

Everybody is getting the hang of tuning and that’s all we have for now. Stay tuned for more updates.

Bronson and Jake out.


World Cup Camp/Coming home!

Last day on snow was spent with double session training GS on Copperopolis. Copper Mountain offered us top to bottom just for us even on busy Saturday!!

After training session, we packed our bag and cleaned our unit. Some of us who did not finish homework had to do study hall for one last time.

This morning, we got up at 3am and made it to Denver Airport. All on board now, ready to depart!!!






World Cup Camp Day 7 on snow

Hello, this is Pedro, Jake, and Daniel.

Today we woke up nice and early with great attitudes to warm up at the dreadful time of 7:30 am. After some refreshing sprints and a very long jog, less than 0.5 miles, we attended the superb gourmet breakfast cooked freshly by Miki. Afterwards, we went skiing and were supposed to be on the lift at 9:00 am sharp. Unfortunately, some of the student athletes (boys) were a little late according to the schedule. The condition were superb! It was a beautiful cloudy day with a very comfortable temperatures of the negative teens. In the morning we had excellent free skiing with our grateful coaches. We skied until 10:30 am when we took a very short 30 minute break. After our long break we had several drill courses including a decapitating obstacle course. Only a few heads were lost, but we had great training from 11:15am till 1:30pm. All the athletes went full strip with their puffy jackets and snow pants skiing very swiftly down the mountain. Very quickly afterwards, at 2:55 pm, we had a very cold dry-land in scorching heat of the garage. We played some calm soccer accompinied with some sprints. Once done, we had a quick study hall of roughly 2 hours of very productive work.The athletes became very hungry; therefore, we had a delicious dinner of teriyaki chicken, yakisoba, pasta, salad, and steamed broccoli. Then, we had a long meeting of 15 minutes. That leads to were I am writing this blog at this very moment.

Off Day #2!!!

Hello readers,

Tess here. Currently we are sitting in coach’s Room in Copper Junction writing this fascinating blog for you.

Today we started our day waking up at 8:35, 5 minutes after we were supposed to be at breakfast. Once we arrived at Room 305, we smelt the delicious pancakes, waffles, bacon, sausage, race, and eggs that Miki prepared for us. After we were satisfied with the savory breakfast, we prepared our selfs to take on the task of tuning our skis. Once all 3 group were done. We had a hour long study hall starting at 11. Afterwards, many of the girls and 2 boys (Hatcher and Jay) went to Endo’s for lunch and the rest went to Jacks where we had yet another delicious meal. The next thing on our busy off day was to gather outside of our condo building at 1:45 to meet and walk over to the bus stop, where we traveled to Frisco and had yet another successful trip to Walmart. This time we were assigned teams and had to make short films about teamwork and love. Also, many of the kids participated in a secret santa where some kids (Brett) received a Sports Illustrated calendar with some pictures that he enjoyed greatly. Pedro also received some very cute hair accessories (as picture). After we all received our presents we had a meeting about GS. That now leads us to this moment,when I Tess Beyer am writing the blog.

I thank you all for reading, and I appreciate that you care about how the U14s spent their day here in Colorado.

Kind Regards,

Tess Beyer